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What is European Computer Driving Licence?

The ECDL Course, also known as the European Computer Driving Licence. Is a globally recognised certification program that verifies essential digital skills. ECDL teaches computer basics like file management, word processing, and presentations. Preparing you for work in an office environment.

What does ECDL certification mean?

ECDL, also referred to as the European Computer Driving Licence. Is an internationally acknowledged IT certification. The ECDL certification demonstrates ability in fundamental digital skills. These skills include using computers, managing files, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and IT security.

Getting the ECDL training showcases proficiency in various computer programs and technologies. Acting as a beneficial credential for improving digital literacy. To improve your IT skills, consider ECDL training. Employers in the UK and worldwide recognise this qualification, making it crucial for advancing your career in technology.

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When did ECDL Change to ICDL Course

The change from ECDL to ICDL occurred in 2013. Marking a crucial shift towards a more globally recognised certification. Formerly known as the European Computer Driving License, the program transitioned to the International Computer Driving License to better reflect its international scope.

Can I complete the ECDL Online?

The ECDL course is all online, and you can ask for help from a tutor if you need it. Optimal choice is to use a laptop or desktop for studying. This way, you can easily learn and practice with Microsoft Office tools during the course.

Acquiring practical experience during studies is beneficial. It enhances comprehension and increases retention. Active participation solidifies learning. With ECDL, you’re not only gaining knowledge but also developing essential skills.

Duration to Complete the Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)?

Completing the Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) usually takes our students about 2 to 3 weeks. No fixed deadline for completion because we understand everyone has a different schedule. Enjoy round-the-clock access to our online training for ultimate convenience. Providing flexibility to meet your entry requirements while improving your computer skills and literacy

ECDL Training breakdown for Level 1 & 2

Online Essentials- Users of Outlook, email address, web browsing, and collaboration platforms should consider obtaining ICDL Online Essentials certification. Additionally, the certification will be particularly beneficial to those who use computers for work, leisure, or social media management. Learn more

Computer Essentials- Computer Essentials, on the other hand, covers the basics of using a computer. This module covers 12 topics.

These topics teach people the basics of using a computer. The goal is to help them gain necessary knowledge and skills.Learn more

IT Security- The IT Security module provides learners with a comprehensive overview of IT security concepts and practices. Learn more

Word Processing- Microsoft Word Processing specifically focuses on teaching learners to write, format, and edit professional documents. In this section, people learn important skills for making and changing documents quickly and effectively. Learn more

Spreadsheets- In the ICDL Excel Spreadsheets module, learners will learn how to create, format, and analyse data using Excel. Learn more

Presentations- ICDL’s PowerPoint Presentations module teaches learners how to create, format, and deliver effective presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Learn more

Databases- The Database module teaches you to create and handle databases using Microsoft Access. Additionally, this module provides comprehensive instruction on the necessary skills and techniques.
Learn more

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