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ICDL Course Level 1 Breakdown


Computer Essentials covers the basics of using a computer. There are 12 topics in this module designed to provide individuals with the basic knowledge and skills needed to use a computer.


Users of Outlook, email, web browsing, and collaboration platforms should have ICDL Online Essentials. The certification will be beneficial to those who use computers for work, leisure, or social media management.


The IT Security module provides learners with a comprehensive overview of IT security concepts and practices.

icdl online

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ICDL Course Level 2 Breakdown

Microsoft Word Processing

Microsoft Word Processing is a module in the ICDL (International Computer Driving License) that teaches learners to write, format, and edit professional documents.

PowerPoint Presentations

ICDL’s PowerPoint Presentations module teaches learners how to create, format, and deliver effective presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.

excel spreadsheets

In the ICDL Excel Spreadsheets module, learners will learn how to create, format, and analyse data using Excel.

Database access

Learning how to create, design, and manage databases using Microsoft Access is the goal of the Access Database module.

ICDL Advanced Level 3 Breakdown

Microsoft Word Processing
  • Formatting: Advanced text, paragraph, and document formatting, including styles and templates.
  • References: Creating and managing indexes, tables of contents, citations, and cross-references.
  • Automation: Using macros, building automated templates, and integrating with other applications.
  • Advanced Editing: Track changes, comments, and collaborative editing features.
  • Document Layout: Advanced layout options, including sections, columns, and graphics integration.
PowerPoint Presentations
  • Design: Advanced slide design, including themes, templates, and slide masters.
  • Multimedia: Integrating audio, video, and other multimedia elements into presentations.
  • Charts and Graphics: Creating and editing advanced charts, SmartArt, and other graphical elements.
  • Animations: Designing and implementing complex animations and transitions.
  • Collaboration: Managing, reviewing, and sharing presentations for collaborative work.
excel spreadsheets
  • Data Analysis: Using complex functions, formulas, and data analysis tools like PivotTables and PivotCharts.
  • Charting: Creating and customising advanced charts and graphs.
  • Macros: Recording, editing, and running macros to automate tasks.
  • Data Management: Sorting, filtering, and using advanced data validation techniques.
  • Collaboration: Sharing, protecting, and collaborating on workbooks.
Database access
  • Database Design: Understanding relational databases, creating tables, and defining relationships.
  • Queries: Building complex queries to retrieve and manipulate data.
  • Forms: Designing advanced forms for data entry and navigation.
  • Reports: Creating comprehensive reports, including grouping and summarizing data.
  • Macros and Modules: Using macros to automate database operations and an introduction to
ICDL & ECDL Course Database access

ICDL & ECDL Course 
PowerPoint Presentations

ICDL & ECDL Course excel spreadsheets

ICDL & ECDL Course Microsoft Word Processing
Word Processing

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